HUARD FRESHMART                                                  MATTAWA                       ON
NUTTER'S 0001 MEDICINE HAT                              MEDICINE HAT                AB
MCMYNN'S FOODS            500362                          MIDWAY                          BC
ALLISTON MEAT & DELI                                           MISSISSAUGA                  ON
BATTAGLIA MARKETPLACE                                      MISSISSAUGA                  ON
MACARTHUR'S NURSERIES INC                              MONCTON                       NB
SEQUOIA DOWNTOWN                                            MONCTON                       NB
THE CORN CRIB NATURAL FOODS                         MONCTON                       NB
SUPERMARCHE MILE-END                                       MONTREAL                      PQ
METRO PLUS INDP 0796                                          MONT-SAINT-HILAIRE PQ
NUTTER'S 0005 MOOSE JAW                                   MOOSE JAW                    SK
COLDSTAR SOLUTIONS       GROCERY                   NANAIMO                        BC
CHARTRAND GROCER                                              NEW LISKEARD                ON
NATURES EMPORIUM NEWMARKET                      NEWMARKET                  ON
FARQUHAR ORCHARD INC                                      NORTH BAY                      ON
DEEP COVE MARKET                                                 NORTH SAANICH             BC
GOODBYE GLUTEN INC                                            NORTH YORK                   ON
FOODLAND 7084 NORWICH                                   NORWICH                        ON
HERB & SPICES SHOP                                               OTTAWA                          ON
KITCHENALIA                                                             OTTAWA                          ON
LA BOTTEGA                                                              OTTAWA                          ON
PARIS GLUTEN-FREE MARKETPLACE                     PARIS                                 ON
FOODLAND 6801 PARKHILL                                   PARKHILL                          ON
ULLRICH'S DELICATESSEN                                      PEMBROKE                      ON
BASKET EXPRESS                                                      PETERBOROUGH             ON
B.T.B PRO SOLUTIONS INC                                     PICKERING                       ON
TIANO'S ORGANICS                                                 PICKERING                       ON
MARCELLE'S KITCHEN                                             PORT PERRY                     ON
FOODLAND 6377 PORT STANLEY                         PORT STANLEY                ON
SOLUTION SAVEUR SANTE                                    QUEBEC                            PQ
SOBEYS 9526 GAETZ                                              RED DEER                         AB
OLD FASHION FOODS                                            REGINA                              SK
MARCHE TOIT ROUGE                                           REPENTIGNY                    PQ
SUE'S PRODUCE DON HEAD                                 RICHMOND HILL              ON
METRO INDP 0628                                                  SAINT-DAMIEN               PQ
EPICIER DU CENTRE-VILLE                                     SAINT-HYACINTHE          PQ
LA GLUTINERIE INC                                                SAINT-HYACINTHE          PQ
UNITED SEAFOOD PACKERS LTD                         SAINT-LEONARD             PQ
SCALE MEATS                                                          SAULT STE. MARIE          ON
COUNTRY WAY-SAULT STE MARIE                       SAULT STE. MARIE          ON
FOODLAND 6810 SEAFORTH                                SEAFORTH                        ON
BULKLEY VALLEY WHOLESALE RETAIL                SMITHERS                        BC
LIGHTHOUSE FOODS                                             SORRENTO                       BC
ANTIPASTOS DI ROMA                                           ST CATHARINES               ON
BRIWOOD FARM MARKET                                     ST THOMAS                     ON
FOODLAND 6850 ST THOMAS                              ST THOMAS                     ON
GRAPEVINE DELI                                                     ST. ALBERT                       AB
FAMILY FOODS - STONEWALL                              STONEWALL                    MB
FOODLAND 6445 STRATFORD                             STRATFORD                     ON
GIACOMOS A TASTE OF ITALY INC                      SUDBURY                         ON
PARIS NATURAL FOODS                                        SUDBURY                         ON
SUPERIOR PRODUCE                                             SURREY                              BC
CLANCY'S MEAT CO SOUTHPOINT                      SURREY                             BC
PHARMASAVE 0406 SWIFT CURRENT                  SWIFT CURRENT              SK
FOODLAND 9082 TATAMAGOUCHE                    TATAMAGOUCHE           NS
AMBROSIA NATURAL FOODS                               THORNHILL                      ON
GEORGE'S MARKET                                                THUNDER BAY                 ON
SKAF'S JUST BASICS                                                THUNDER BAY                 ON
THE BULK PRO CORPORATION                            THUNDER BAY                 ON
FOODLAND 6320 TIMMINS                                  TIMMINS                          ON
THE BULK BARREL                                                  TORONTO                        ON
MEAT ON THE BEACH                                            TORONTO                        ON
LA SALUMERIA DELI                                               TORONTO                        ON
BLOORSTREET MARKET 0479                               TORONTO                        ON
AMBROSIA NATURAL FOODS                               TORONTO                        ON
GARDENVIEW CONVENIENCE                              TORONTO                        ON
FRESH & WILD                                                         TORONTO                        ON
NUTRIVIVA                                                               TORONTO                        ON
MARCELLO'S INDEPENDENT CITY MARK            TORONTO                        ON
GOOD REBEL                                                           TORONTO                        ON
FRESH & WILD                                                         TORONTO                        ON
MAX'S MARKET                                                        TORONTO                        ON
VINCE'S COUNTRY MARKET                                   UXBRIDGE                        ON
ONE STOP NATURALS INC                                     VAL CARON                      ON
IGA 8568 VAL-D'OR                                                 VAL-D'OR                         PQ
AMBROSIA NATURAL FOODS                                VAUGHAN                        ON
JOHNNY'S LOW CARB NUTRITIONAL GR             VAUGHAN                        ON
EAT GOOD MARKET                                                VERNON                           BC
AG FOODS - MARKET ST      198327                     VULCAN                            AB
THE NATURAL                                                          WARKWORTH                 ON
VINCENZO'S  (CHEESE)                                           WATERLOO                      ON
TGP - RIVERSIDE GROCERY   DIRECT                    WHITEHORSE                  YT

International Stockists:

United Kingdom:


A.M.B.T. ENTERPRISES                                              AGASSIZ                            BC
NUTTER'S                                                                    AIRDRIE                             AB
DANDELION FOODS                                                  ALMONTE                        ON
DON'S MEAT MARKET                                               ALMONTE                         ON
FOODLAND                                                                 AMHERSTVIEW               ON
BALDERSON VILLAGE CHEESE STORE                    BALDERSON                    ON
SOBEYS                                                                        BEAUMONT                     AB
GARDEN FOODS LIMITED-BOLTON                        BOLTON                           ON
NATURALLY BULK                                                      BOLTON                          ON
FOODLAND 6336 BRIGHT'S GROVE                        BRIGHT'S GROVE            ON
NATURES EMPORIUM BURLINGTON                      BURLINGTON                  ON
MARILUS MARKET                                                     BURLINGTON                   ON
TURTLEDOVES                                                           BURLINGTON                   ON
FAIR MARKET (BUY LOW)                                         BURNABY                         BC
HOWARD THE BUTCHER'S MEATS                         CALEDON EAST               ON
EDELWEISS IMPORTS LTD                                       CALGARY                          AB
THE BOWNESIAN GROCER                                      CALGARY                          AB
SAUCE ITALIAN KITCHEN & MARKET                     CALGARY                          AB
SHARPE'S FOOD MARKET                                       CAMPBELLFORD              ON
EURO DELI                                                                 CHATEAUGUAY               PQ
BIZZ MAGASIN D'ALIMENTATION SAIN                CHICOUTIMI                    PQ
LE GARDE MANGER                                                 CHICOUTIMI                    PQ
FOODLAND 6856 CLINTON                                    CLINTON                           ON
COALDALE FOOD MARKET                                     COALDALE                        AB
FOODLAND 6305 CORUNNA                                  CORUNNA                        ON
BJ COUNTRY MARKET                                              DELAWARE                      ON
IGA 9527 DEVON                                                      DEVON                              AB
FOODLAND 6338 DORCHESTER                            DORCHESTER                  ON
LOUISE SANS GLUTEN FREE                                   DORVAL                            PQ
BULK ZONE                                                               DRYDEN                            ON
PICONE'S FOOD MARKET                                       DUNDAS                           ON

‚ÄčITALIAN CENTRE SHOP LTD (NORTH)                   EDMONTON                    AB
BEN'S MEATS & DELI                                               EDMONTON                    AB
SOBEYS 5095 SOUTHBROOK                                 EDMONTON                    AB
FOODLAND 6429 EGANVILLE                                EGANVILLE                       ON
SANTE NATURAL FOOD STORE                             ELORA                               ON
SCHINKEL'S MEAT MARKET (CHEESE)                  ESSEX                                 ON
ISLAND MEAT AND DELI                                        GABRIOLA ISLAND          BC
IGA 0607 GATINEAU                                               GATINEAU                        PQ
SUPER VALU 83323 GIBSONS    DSD                   GIBSONS                           BC
STIRLING FRUIT FARMS(2000) LTD                      GREENWICH                    NS
DBA PETE'S FINE FOODS - HALIFAX                     HALIFAX                            NS
THE GREAT VINE                                                     HUNTSVILLE                     ON
FOODLAND 6807 INGERSOL                                INGERSOLL                       ON
SANDSTONE PHARM HENDAY                             INNISFAIL                         AB
FH FINE FOOD                                                         INNISFIL                            ON
AG FOODS - ROBINSON'S                                      JASPER                               AB
LE SOLEIL LE VENT INC                                          JONQUIERE                      PQ
METRO PLUS INDP 2638                                       JONQUIERE                      PQ
THE QUEENSWAY MARKET PLACE                      KESWICK                           ON
CAMPUS ONE STOP                                               KINGSTON                        ON
PASTA GENOVA (CHEESE)                                     KINGSTON                        ON
SIGRID'S NATURAL FOODS                                   KINGSTON                        ON
ITALO FOODS (CHEESE)                                        KITCHENER                      ON
IGA 8302 LA PRAIRIE                                              LA PRAIRIE                       PQ
SOBEYS 3182 LACOMBE                                       LACOMBE                         AB
HENDERSON GROCERY                                        LANCASTER                      ON
MTF MAINLAND DIST                                           LANGLEY                           BC
RICHELIEU 4124                                                    L'ANSE-SAINT-JEAN        PQ
EUROMARCHE BELLEROSE                                  LAVAL                                PQ
FRUITERIE DU MARCHE 440                                LAVAL                                PQ
IGA 8144 CREVIER INC.                                         LAVAL                                PQ
GLUTEN FREE GALORE                                         LIVELY                                ON
NUTTER'S 10 LLOYDMINSTER                             LLOYDMINSTER               AB
OLD EAST VILLAGE                                                LONDON                           ON
ALICIA'S FINE FOOD                                              LONDON                           ON
REMARK FRESH MARKETS                                   LONDON                           ON
UNGER FARM MARKET (CHEESE)                        LONDON                           ON
NATURES EMPORIUM MAPLE                             MAPLE                               ON