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Gluten-free Gnocchi

Our gluten-free vegan gnocchi  are delicious potato dumplings made using the finest potatoes, corn and rice  flours. They are a fantastically versatile pasta that can be boiled, fried  or baked with your favourite sauce. They only take a couple of  minutes to prepare and are the perfect kitchen cupboard  staple. Suitable for low fodmap diets.


Durum Wheat Pasta

Our delicious durum wheat pasta comes in three shapes: Pennoni, Lumachoni and Casarecce. All are made with only 100% Italian durum wheat semolina, drawn through traditional bronze dies for a luxurious texture and flavour.

Note: contains gluten


Artisan Pasta Shapes

Difatti's range of artisan durum wheat pasta is made entirely by hand in the sun soak southern region in Italy.  Using only 100% natural flavours and ingredients to obtain these vibrant colours. 

Note: contains gluten


Gluten-free Egg Pasta

Our handmade gluten-free egg  pasta tastes rich and luxurious.  The perfect balance between  high quality gluten-free flours, golden free-range eggs, coupled with traditional production methods, such as drawing the pasta through  bronze dies  to ensure the sauce properly coats the pasta.



Difatti’s Tahinaise range of condiments are the perfect go to garnish to your meal. Toss into salads, dollop on falafels, spread over tacos, dip in veggie sticks or slather onto burgers.

Note: gluten-free

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